“The Psychology of Words”

episode #748 –  July 19, 2022

GUEST: Rai Hyde Cornell

When you’re writing copy think honestly about the human side of things.

the episode

Sometimes when people write copy they forget they’re not just writing for SEO.  They need to keep in mind they are writing to attract the attention of real people who have  specific reasons for reading the information

Our guest, Rai Hyde Cornell, reminds us that Google is not the one clicking the buy now or book a call button. They are not the ones making the decision. So, why are you going to prioritize Google and Google’s spiders and search bots over the actual humans who have the real power to buy.  Those are the people that you want to be speaking to.

our guest Rai Hyde Cornell

Rai Hyde Cornell is the CEO & Senior Copywriter at Cornell Content Marketing and Business Mentor & Coach at Chiron Consulting.

Over her 15+ years in online marketing and writing, Rai has worked in hundreds of businesses, helping them grow and achieve their goals. Though she no longer works in the mental health field, her deep understanding of human behavior, emotion, and decision-making is honored in everything she teaches and creates for her clients.

As a mentor and coach at Chiron Consulting, she works with freelancers and self-employed entrepreneurs to help them dramatically increase their incomes and their quality of life as independent income generators. At Cornell Content Marketing, Rai teaches entrepreneurs and business owners how to use content to build powerful, lasting relationships with customers.

Now, she’s sharing all of her most powerful business AND manifestation tricks and techniques with other freelancers.