“Everything Old is New Again”

episode #763 – August 28, 2022

HOST: Lorraine Ball

Marketing trends are cyclical.  Right now there is a push to broader marketing tactics

the episode

There is this wonderful song written by Peter Allen in the 1970 s.  Everything old is New Again. In a way that song sums up where marketing trends are these days. When that song was written fifty years ago, television advertising ruled. Businesses used the platform to build awareness by reaching a wide audience with little concern about demographics.

It didn’t matter who saw your message as long as you got in front of as many people as possible. The assumption was sooner or later someone would buy. Then along came digital media and especially social media marketing and suddenly marketers could target messages more precisely based on interests and demographics. Social media became a valuable tool to move prospects through the buyer’s journey.

Unfortunately with changes in social media algorithms and more restrictions to protect user privacy we seem to be back in time.  We are forced to put lots of broad messages out there in  the hopes of driving someone to our website and email list.

Everything old is new again.  If you are looking to keep up with the changes and and find resources to stay in the game, check out

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