“Tell a Story of You at Your Best”

episode #768 –  September 13, 2022

GUEST: David Hutchens

Every one needs to learn to tell the story which demonstrates what you do when you are at your best.

the episode

I love to tell stories. Not only because they’re fun, but because they’re great for business.  That’s why I was excited to sit down with master storyteller, David Hutchens a few years ago.   If you missed the conversation back then, here’s you chance to learn more about storytelling.

The Power of Stories: Stories create connection and belief, which leads to better outcomes in business.

Selecting the Right Stories: Choosing the right stories by strategically identifying the types of stories that align with a business’s goals  drive engagement and shape the organization’s culture.

“Us at Our Best” Stories: These stories illustrate what it looks like when a business is delivering top-notch value and excellence.

Intentional Storytelling: Hutchens stresses that storytelling should be intentional and methodical, crafting stories purposefully to achieve their desired results.

Repetition and Consistency: The more often people hear the stories, the  more likely that people will engage with the business’s vision and goals.

our guest David Hutchens

David is an author and consultant who has worked leaders in the world’s most influential organizations to find and tell stories. When they do, they create engagement and belief so people will act. David has built story capability for organizations such as Google, NASA, L’Oreal Paris, FedEx, Accenture, and many more