“Ideas on the Fly”

episode #770 September 18, 2022

HOST: Lorraine Ball

Capture great ideas wherever you are when they pop into your head. 

the episode

If you’re like me, you never have your best ideas when you’re sitting at your desk.  It is always when you’re out walking or talking to someone or driving in your car.

Then by the time you get somewhere where you can write it all down and think about it, you have forgotten the idea.

My tip is to get really well acquainted with the voice recording app on your phone. Anytime I have a random thought or idea, I just open it up and start recording. Sometimes I capture entire blog posts, and sometimes it’s just a bunch of quick titles. Either way, I have a record of things I can use to create great marketing.

Don’t be tied to your desk, get out and experience things. Just take your recorder with you.

about the marketing minute

Each week, host Lorraine Ball shares just a few words on a marketing topic. She boils down creative ideas, practical tips, and decades of real-world experience into a mini podcast which is always less than two minutes.

Look for these mini bits of marketing inspiration every Sunday.  Then come back and enjoy the longer interviews every Thursday.

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