“Use Google Trends to Find New Markets”

episode #771 – SEPTEMBER 22, 2022


Google Trends is another free tool from Google you can use to make smart advertising decisions

the episode

Geotargeting is a valuable tool if you run a local business.  Connecting with customers around the block is what drives your business.  But guest, Krystal Covington suggests it can also be a valuable tool if you have a national or even international brand. 

The trick is not to try to market everywhere all at once . Instead, be strategic and select an a attractive region.  Google Trends can help you do just that.  By studying the data you can find out which key words have grown in popularity and in which markets there is more interest in that particular term.  

Now, instead of trying to run a national PPC campaign you can zero in and areas with a high level of interest. 

our guest Krystal Covington

Krystal is an award-winning business strategist leading a team of technical specialists to achieve revenue targets for companies around the globe. Under her leadership, Go Lead Consulting clients have achieved goals such as triple-digit revenue growth, top-tier media features, and entry into new markets.

She’s been awarded the Denver Business Journal 40 Under 40 honor, as well as the Acquisition International Marketing Entrepreneur of the Year award.

​Featured in Forbes, Business Insider, WSJ, and more. She has interviewed on ABC, CBS, and FOX News Channels, and has presented a TEDx Talk.