“Getting to Yes, Faster”

episode #777 –  October 13, 2022

GUEST: Susan Trumpler

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Most business owners did not start out thinking they  were going to be sales people, but somewhere along the line they figured out that was what they had become. 

Guest Susan Trumpler shares tips on how to manage the role none of us prepared for. One of her first tips is to remember how people make decisions.

It is natural for us to rely on our primitive brain that was put into their head to keep them safe.  So the more you, as a seller, are in touch with how people think and why they make decisions the way they do the more successful you will be in moving them along the sales pathway.

our guest Susan Trumpler

Susan, is a 7-figure sales strategist, who also owns a sales research company. She’s a speaker, the host of Unstoppable Women in Business podcast, and corporate dropout on a mission to stomp out the declaration, “I HATE SALES!” from business owners’ vocabularies.

She helps women entrepreneurs see themselves as the revenue-generating machines they’re destined to be.

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