“Time to Pivot”

episode #781 –  October 27, 2022

GUEST: David Siegel

Always challenge sacred cows. 

the episode

For many of us, the Covid pandemic feels like ancient history as our lives and businesses have gone back to normal. But for some companies, there is no going back. That’s the case for Meetup.com. In late 2022 I had a chance to chat with David Siegel, founder of Meetup and how they completely turned their business on it’s head during the pandemic. 

Founder, David Siegel explained how going back to their mission of bringing people together allowed them to successfully pivot, survive and actually thrive in the new economy. His lessons on how to adjust to a crisis are relevant for every business owner.  

  • Clear Mission: Establishing a clear mission helps guide decision-making during challenging times. 
  • Embrace New Opportunities: A crisis can present new opportunities for growth and innovation. The trick is to have the process in place to move quickly. 
  • Challenge Sacred Cows: Continuously question established practices and assumptions within the organization. Just because you have always done it that way, doesn’t mean it is the right direction for you now. 
  • Include Diverse Voices: Bring new team members into the organization who offer fresh insights and ideas. Allow different perspectives to challenge existing biases 
  • Balance In-Person and Virtual: Striking a balance between in-person and virtual interactions is essential. Both serve different audiences and offer unique advantages, helping organizations maximize connection and collaboration.

our guest David Siegel


David Siegel is CEO of Meetup overseeing its global business, which has 52 million members, hosts 15,000 events daily, and has events in 193 countries

David hosts Keep Connected, a podcast dedicated to the power of community and the author of Decide and Conquer: 44 Decisions That Make or Break All Leaders