“Time to Pivot”

episode #781 –  October 27, 2022

GUEST: David Siegel

Always challenge sacred cows. 

the episode

What do you do when external factors turn your entire business model upside down?  That’s what happened to MeetUp.com at the beginning of their pandemic, as their entire in person meeting model collapsed.

Founder, David Siegel explains how going back to their mission of bringing people together allowed them to successfully pivot, survive and actually thrive in the new economy.

our guest David Siegel


David Siegel is CEO of Meetup overseeing its global business, which has 52 million members, hosts 15,000 events daily, and has events in 193 countries

David hosts Keep Connected, a podcast dedicated to the power of community and the author of Decide and Conquer: 44 Decisions That Make or Break All Leaders