“Real Email Metrics”

episode #783 – NOVEMBER 3,  2022

GUEST: Emily McGuire

Don’t obsess about you open rate. There are better email metrics.

the episode

​I know you think we’ve talked about email a lot but we’re going to dive into  one of the most overlooked parts of your email marketing, the metrics.  Guest, Emily McGuire shares lessons learned over a decade sending successful email campaigns generating millions of dollars in revenue.

She suggests that falling in love with your open rates  is a mistake. It doesn’t matter how many people open your email, it only matters what they do next.  You can game the system to change your open rates, or use click bait headlines, but that won’t actually help you sell more.  Engagement metrics, clicks, downloads, replies and even unsubscribes are much more reliable predictors of how well your email campaign is really performing.

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our guest Emily McGuire

Emily McGuire is the Customer Evangelist at AWeber – a people-first Email Service Provider. 
With lessons learned over a decade in tech, sending thousands of email campaigns, and working on email campaigns earning over $80 million in revenue, Emily loves sharing the mistakes and strategies of email marketing done well.
You’ll typically find her with a cup of coffee in hand because #momlife. When her head isn’t in her laptop, you can find her chasing her kid, reading a book, or binging trashy TV.