Which New Technology is Right for You? 

episode #784 – November 6,  2022

HOST: Lorraine Ball

You don’t need every new tool or technology. The trick is to have a process to find what is best for you.

the episode

It seems like every day there is some new tool or trend. So how do you decide which  new technology, software tools and digital trends deserve attention and resources and which don’t?  Over the years, I have developed a simply strategy to figure out which new technology and tools are right for me.


The first part of the strategy is staying ahead of the curve by reading, reading, reading. There’s no single expert in the field so I have several websites I check on a regular basis.


When I find new software tools which pique my curiosity, I switch over to evaluation mode.  I dive in and start  reading product reviews and searching for discussions on Twitter and LinkedIn. Then I kick the tires for myself to see if the product works the way they say it will. Next I evaluate  how this addition fits with the rest of my marketing program.  This is where many exciting ideas get sidelined because even if a tool looks great, if it doesn’t fit with everything else you’re doing, it’s not a great fit for you.


And finally I embrace the tools I think are a great fit. This means making a decision to go big and commit the resources needed to make it successful. If you are not willing to do that, just don’t play with the tool.

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