“Tips from Improv”

episode #786 – NOVEMBER 13,, 2022

HOST: Lorraine Ball

To be good at improv, you need to be a good listener, the same is true in business.

the episode

A friend of mine who is an improvisational artist, and a marketer told me there were many things he learned when studying improvisational comedy that he could apply to marketing. The first is the rule of the Yes. And….

In an improvisational interaction, anytime someone says anything, you immediately say yes. This behavior allows you to build on the ideas of others. That’s actually how the internet works. If you’re looking for content ideas, find something someone else has written, and apply the rule of yes and.  Create your own blog post by talking about what they said and add your own information on top of it.

The second rule in improvisational comedy is to tell the truth. When an artist speaks about things that are true to them it is easier to connect to the audience with these shared experiences. The same can work for your content marketing.

So as you’re getting ready to work on your next blog, or piece of content,  watch an episode of Saturday Night Live to channel your inner improvisational spirit.

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