“M.E.G.A Positioning”

episode #787 –  November 17, 2022

GUEST: Reuben Swartz

The simple acronym, MEGA is a way to think about your position statement in four   pieces

the episode

This week we are talking about positioning. I know that sounds like some techie, marketing thing that you need an MBA to figure out but it really isn’t. Your position is simply what you want people to think about you when you’re not in the room and to have that conversation. 

My guest, Reuben Swartz shared his simply acronym MEGA as a way to think about your position statement in four simple pieces

M- Magnetic – The key thing to remember is a magnet has two poles of equal strength. People make the mistake of trying to attract everybody. You can’t do that. Your position should be a really powerful magnet that attracts your ideal clients and repels people who aren’t so you avoid wasting time on bad fits. 

E – Easy –  The job of positioning is to make sales and marketing easier.

G – Gorilla –  You want to select a market where you can be the 800 pound gorilla in the room.  So define your brand and you niche narrow enough so that you can dominate. 

A – Authentic – Your position should reflect you. Don’t try to copy others, be you. 

our guest Reuben Swartz

Reuben is the founder of Mimiran, the fun, “anti-CRM” for independent consultants who love serving clients but hate “selling”, and the host and chief nerd on the Sales for Nerds podcast.

Learn more about Reuben:  http://mimiran.com  and The Sales for Nerds Podcast