“The Follow Up Process”

episode #788 – November 20, 2022

HOST: Lorraine Ball

So what do you do to continue a conversation with a prospect after the phone call ends?  

the episode

When the phone rings, there’s always that moment of excitement. This could be a customer! I’ve been through enough sales training so I feel comfortable moving prospects through that conversation. But at some point, the phone call ends.  So what do you do to continue that conversation? While it will depend on how the conversation went, it’s always helpful to have some resources ready to send as a follow up.

What should you send? Regardless of the business you’re in, think about what people need to know to make a good decision.  Perhaps there are common questions that don’t come up in that first phone conversation. If so, create a blog post entitled FAQs. Google will absolutely love that. It’ll give you authority and search. But also at the end of the call, you can say to someone “Hey, I bet you’re going to have a few more questions when we’re done. So I’m gonna send you a link to FAQs”

The fact that you’re anticipating their needs, reassures them and makes them feel comfortable that they’re not the only ones who don’t have the answers. And so, the next time you answer the phone, start thinking about what you’re going to send when you finish the call.

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