“A Little Cappuccino Goes a Long Way”

episode #794 –  December 11, 2022


In business and in life, it is not about quantity, it is about quality. 

the episode

I am a serious coffee drinker. A typical morning starts with two full mugs of coffee, after which I’m ready to face the world. So when I was in Italy a few weeks ago I was worried that the little cup of cappuccino they put in front of me wouldn’t be enough.

Funny thing, it was.  The rich full flavor satisfied my coffee taste requirement and that expresso packed a powerful punch.  So as I sipped my little cup of cappuccino it occurred to me there was an important lesson in that cup. It was a lesson that applied to life and business.

It isn’t about quantity. It’s about quality. When it comes to delivering a service, instead of doing a lot of mediocre projects do fewer better projects and charge what you’re worth.  For marketing spend your time crafting one memorable blog post or powerful podcast instead of one hundred silly social media updates to deliver the punch your marketing needs.

As you think about your next business step go have a cup of cappuccino. Not that  tasteless vente they serve at Starbucks,  but a real high quality small cup of cappuccino with a powerful punch.

about the marketing minute

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