“Tips to Train Your Brain ”

episode #795 – December 15, 2022

GUEST: Elizabeth Louis

You can make more money, but you can’t make more time. 

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the episode

​Why should you make a to do list before you go to sleep?  It is a way of training your brain . Guest Elizabeth Louis, says when you do that you’re getting it into you unconscious brain so you wake up the next morning knowing exactly what you need to do and where you need to go.  You start the day in the flow. 

Typically when you’re when you’re not able to sleep at night it is because you’re struggling with the fear of the unknown. If you make a list of  three to five you need to do the next day, you will sleep better and you will start the off right.

Many people waste about 30 minutes every day trying to figure out what do each day.  Then you must work to build that momentum throughout the rest of the day.  When you know exactly what you need to do you don’t even have to look at the list because it’s already in your brain.  You just start to move at a faster level.

And  the speed pays off, because we can make more money but we can never make more time  

our guest Elizabeth Louis

 Elizabeth Helps High-Achievers Transform Their Psychology & Business To Generate Impact & Income in Less than 6 Weeks.  She works as an Executive Performance Coach and have two graduate degrees in psychology. She is a professional coach and therapist specializing in performance/sports psychology, positive psychology, CBT, and Neuropsychotherapy.

Elizabeth is an executive performance coach for corporate powerhouses and innovation-driven entrepreneurs across the globe. I have spent the last 7-years studying and working with high-performers to help them make the impossible possible.

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