episode #797 –  December 22 2022

GUEST: Sasha Willis

You can’ sustain a façade. Sooner or later the real you come through. You don’t want customers to be disappointed or surprised when it does.

the episode

In this episode, I chat with Sasha Willis about authenticity and why it is so important to be authentic in all of your content and branding.  Sasha advocates for  showing up as yourself because people really tune into that.  It is especially true  when it comes to business interactions.  People want to feel they know who they are working with and who they’re paying their money to.


our guest Sasha Willis

Sasha Willis is the boss lady behind By Sasha, host of the Strategy for Creatives: Business Minus the Bullshit Podcast, co-host of the Swirl and Sip Podcast, and owner of the Boundless Audio Podcast Network.

As a business strategist, podcaster, and multi-facet business owner, her goal is to empower all women business owners by strategizing and action planning to build and grow their brands without the stress.

When she’s not business doing business things, you can find her spending time with her husband and 5-year old son.​