“Generate New Sales from Old Clients”

episode #799 –  December 29, 2022

GUEST: Gail Doby

Your clients already know, like and trust you

the episode

What is the fastest least expensive way to get clients? Guest, Gall Doby suggests  there is one strategy that people often ignore, and it’s right in front of them.

Looking for new sales? Start with your current clients. Almost every single client ( assuming you are doing a good job) will be willing to do business with you in a different way. Maybe it is an add-on to their project, a few more things and they hadn’t originally considered or an entirely different project.

It’s so much easier to go to your current clients and try to add something on to a project.  Then right behind that group are your past clients. Both of these groups know, like and trust you so it is one of the easiest, fastest and the cheapest ways to get more business.

our guest Gail Doby

Gail is co-founder of Gail Doby Coaching & Consulting, a firm that has helped designers, architects, and other creatives increase their profitability by up to 512 percent. As the firm’s Chief Vision Officer, Doby does more than help her clients wrangle decimals on a budget sheet. After nearly 20 years of experience running her own Denver-based design firm (plus a BSBA in Finance and Banking), she’s obsessed with sharing innovative ways to overcome the business roadblocks, challenges, and detours creative entrepreneurs face when trying to do it on their own.

She also works as a strategist, brand builder, interviewer, marketer, operations manager, human resource advisor, and sometimes therapist. No matter which hat she is wearing, her goal is simple—to empower design-industry clients to differentiate themselves, drive measurable results, achieve business projections, and create personal satisfaction through game-changing strategies and business practices.

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