“Favorite Conversations from 2022”

episode #800 –  January 3, 2023

Host: Lorraine Ball

Just a few of my favorite conversations from 2023

the episode

Before we roll in 2023, I thought it would be fun to go back and revisit some of my favorite podcast interviews from last year. With more than 125 to choose from, this was no small feat. But I think you’re really going to like the episodes I’ve pulled together.

There’s a conversation I had with Laura Templeton about networking conversations. As you know, I love a good networking event. I love a chance to get out and talk to people. But I know that not everybody loves that process or even knows where to start. And that’s why I was so excited to talk to Laura, about the first 30 seconds of every networking conversation.

Then there is a   conversation I had with frequent guest Patty Farmer. This time we chatted about building personal relationships, because they are the real currency of your business

Rounding out the collection is a conversation I had with Joe Matz about business Transformation and the need to start with an assessment, because if you don’t know where you are you can’t chart a path to your destination.

Curious? Listen to the full episodes below.


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It started as a conversation with friends. When someone would drop by, Lorraine would pull out her iPhone and record a bit of banter. From those first, informal interactions with local marketing professionals, authors, and entrepreneurs, More than a Few Words, a marketing podcast was born.

Over the last decade, we’ve experimented with lots of formats including 30-minute live episodes, complete with a call-in number and a real-time Twitter feed. There were half-baked marketing ideas, conversations with marketing celebrities, lots of laughs, and good information along the way.

Today, the ten-minute conversations are heard by business owners around the world looking for practical tips and a little bit of marketing inspiration.


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