“Secure Your Business”

episode #804 –  January 10, 2023

GUEST: Josh Summers

Increase business security by separating your personal and business identity. 

Josh Summers


the episode

Small business owners, particularly solo entrepreneurs often forget that their personal and business on-line security are tightly intertwined.  

Guest Josh Summers says that a focus on security begins by separating yourself from your business. For example many people will register their company with their home address. Unfortunately, that address becomes part of the public record, for years and years.   

Changing it down the road can be costly and time consuming.  He advocates for separating the address right from the start. Using a virtual address or post office box just for your business.

our guest Josh Summers

Josh Summers is small business owner who has experienced first-hand what happens when your identity is stolen, your accounts get hacked and you are digitally surveilled. He now runs All Things Secured, a brand that helps people make smart choices about their online security and privacy, whether that’s individuals, freelancers or other small business owners.