Sales Starts with a Conversation

episode #807 –  January 17, 2023

GUEST: Tracy Beavers

Don’t walk into networking events spreading your business cards like confetti.

the episode

 I know you think you are a business owner not a salesperson but everybody really is a salesperson. In this conversation with Tracey Beavers we explored ways you can create sales without “selling”

She suggests you start by being yourself.  The reason no one likes to think of themselves as a salesperson because there are so many bad salespeople out there. They’re aggressive, spammy, weird. and annoying. They make us uncomfortable and we don’t want to feel that way.  She says take the word sales out of the equation. Don’t even think about it because that word is intimidating.

our guest Tracy Beavers

Tracy Beavers is a Business and Sales coach from Arkansas. She has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs over the years with everything from overcoming the fear of sales to growing their business visibility through organic marketing strategies. She walks hand in hand with her clients providing them a roadmap of clear action steps so they can put their blinders on and confidently get to work. Building your business does NOT have to be a struggle. Tracy can show you how to build with EASE.

She is a wife, Mom of two young adults and a dogMom. She is a public speaker, and a published author. She has been featured on top business podcasts, and has been a regular contributor on one of her hometown’s premier tv shows. She is the creator of two online courses: “Business Visibility Made Easy” and “Be A Confident Entrepreneur”. She has a group coaching program and offers private 1:1 coaching for clients wanting a VIP custom experience.