“Time for a Brand Refresh”

episode #808 –  January 19, 2023

GUEST: Amanda Guerassio

Is your brand ready for a refresh? 

the episode

While you don’t want to change your brand frequently, guest Amanda Guerassio suggests there are signs you are ready for a refresh.

  1. If you designed your logo yourself when you started your business, and the branding suite just isn’t as professional as you would like
  2. Your business has changed direction or target and the design suite no longer reflects you company
  3. The brand relied on “trendy” colors, fonts or styles that were cool when the brand was launched but is somewhat dated now.

our guest Amanda Guerassio

Amanda is an expert brand strategist and designer. She helps clarify messy braindumps around what you want your brand to be, and translates those abstract ideas into concrete, aligned visuals through her proven branding process. She has over 15 years of experience across a wide range of industries and clientele.