“Give Google Information About Your Business”

episode #811 –  January 26, 2023

GUEST: Stormy Knight 

Google wants you to succeed.

the episode

Google wants you to succeed and in this conversation with Stormy Knight, we talk about what they’re doing to help you do just that. Remember that Google’s main product is great search results. While they have some of the most comprehensive data bases in the world, they may not have the detailed information about your business.

Your Google My Business Profile helps fill in some of the blanks that makes it easy for Google to present your company when people are looking for a business like yours.

our guest Stormy Knight

Stormy is an internet marketing speaker and writer. She wrote the original “20 Reasons To Put Your Business On The World Wide Web ” in 1995, one of the first articles that outlined how to successfully use the internet for marketing.

With 27 years of search engine optimization you think she’d have a mumbo jumbo pile of technical complexity to show you but instead she’s distilled all of her experience down with the simple basics any small business person needs to understand and implement their own SEO program.  Having worked as a speaker for the launch program for Google my business she knows what small business owners want to hear. Make it understandable and make it implementable is her motto.