Your Customer is More than a Number

episode #814  -February 5, 2023

HOST: Lorraine Ball

To create great marketing you need to look beyond the numbers and dive into who your customers are as people. 

the episode

One of the things that I love and hate about marketing is the research which allows you to describe your ideal client in very quantitative terms like age, income and level of education. I love this because if gives you a starting point for your marketing. The thing I don’t love is that it puts people in very narrow boxes.

Too often we lose sight of the fact that our target customers are more than just numbers. Beyond the demographic segments there is a psychological element.  It is these psychological components like interests, problems, values, philosophy and motivation that allow you to create effective marketing campaigns.

What do your potential clients think about? Where do they spend their time? What’s important to them? What problems do they have? What do they find annoying disturbing or and frustrating? What do they hold in high regard and where do they put their time and their money? What do you know about their politics, and their attitude about life and business.  How do they approach challenges and what motivates them to take action?

The more you know about these psychological elements the easier it is to connect with them through relevant marketing.

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