Building Relationships on LinkedIn

episode #815 –  Feb. 7, 2023

GUEST: Janice Porter

People are leaving money on the table by not taking the time to really engage on LinkedIn. 

the episode

When it comes down to closing, people buy from people.  So before you can make a sale, you almost always need a relationship.  In B2B sales one of the best places to build that relationship is on LinkedIn.    Relationship pro, Janice Porter shares some of her  favorite relationship building strategies.

She believes LinkedIn is underutilized by many sales professionals, who miss the opportunity to make quality connections by interacting authentically on the platform.

Janice is a returning guest to MTFW.  You can listen to our first conversation 

our guest Janice Porter

She has an innate curiosity, which she has leveraged into building business relationships and teaches others how to do the same.
Her passion is working with people who want to build their businesses through relationship marketing and networking – and she does that using online and offline strategies.

LinkedIn training is a huge part of Janice’s business. She believes all business professionals need to have a magnetic LinkedIn profile, and that LinkedIn is THE platform for attracting new clients, strategic partners and referrals.
Staying connected, and nurturing relationships comes next – and Janice shows clients how to implement a “tangible touch” follow-up system to do just that.

Janice really values the friendships and business relationships she makes and when she meets someone new is always thinking: “How may I support you?”

Janice is also one of the authors featured in our new essay collection MORE THAN A FEW WRITTEN WORDS available on Amazon. 

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