Your Product Plan 

episode #816 -February 12, 2023

HOST: Lorraine Ball

Your product plan should explain how you solve customer problems, now why a particular feature is cool 

the episode

As you start working on the product portion of your overall business plan do not start with the features.  Go back to your customer research. What is most important to your customers?  Focus on the elements of your product or service that line up with those needs.  Demonstrate how the features that you are selecting for your product or service help you achieve something customers are going to buy because it solves their problem

This can be everything from the physical product, to the warranty, to how you package it or deliver it. Focus on a few things that are unique to you because otherwise you are a commodity.  There’s no reason for someone to pick you versus your competitor if your are a commodity.

Outline how you think you will roll out enhancements and new products  features  to give investors and lenders an idea of where your business is going and how how your products may expand over time.

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