What is Your Business Personality

episode #818 –  February 16, 2023

GUEST: Naomi Gora

Every business has a personality.  What’s Yours? 

the episode

I have often been told that I have a strong personality and it kind of came through in my business but I never really thought about the fact that all businesses have personality.

Guest Naomi Gora talks about the  importance of including ourselves in our business strategy. So many business schools teach us to get to know our ideal customers and competitors but none that I’ve seen start the process of looking at ourselves first – how can our businesses thrive based on what works for us as well as our customers.

How do you do that?  Start with your personality, core values and aspirational state.

our guest Naomi Gora

Identifying as a ‘Torchbearer’ Business Personality Type, Naomi spent years trying to find her place in the world of media and advertising agencies. Often feeling like an outsider in the more extroverted world of sales and marketing, it was only when she discovered her personality type and allowed herself to run her business her own way based on her strengths and core values that her career really started to thrive.

Described by some as ‘Eat Pray Love Meets Mad Men’, Naomi now uses her marketing, branding and personality profiling skillset to run Brand Whisperers – a personality-driven brand agency and strategy consultancy, that helps business founders cut through generic advice, leverage their strengths and circumvent their stressors so they can run their business in way that works for them as well as their customers.

Learn more about your brand personality https://brandwhisperers.com.au/