Emotion Driven Marketing 

episode #825-  Mar, 2023

GUEST: Jan Cavelle


the episode

In this episode we chatted with Jan Cavell about connecting your emotions to your marketing, and more importantly, connecting to your customer’s emotions.  

How do you do that? Jan suggests you start by being consistent about the picture of yourself you are putting forward in public, both in person and on social media. This helps people frame a firm picture of who you are allowing them to connect to you and your brand. 

our guest Jan Cavelle

Jan is a semi-retired entrepreneur from the UK who has a few decades of running micro and small businesses behind her.  
She is very familiar with all the challenges that go with that, having started one from the kitchen table when her children were small and she was a single mother, to go on to build that into a multi-million turnover business.

She has a passion for supporting entrepreneurs and after many years of writing articles, has become an author.  Her first book (Bloomsbury 2021) was Scale for Success, discussing the big leap between 1-10m.

Start for Success talking of early foundations for fast-growing businesses and starting up right has just been published January 2023, and is known to be an exceptional insight into the real face of entrepreneurship.​