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Guest: Ameet Khabra

Smart PPC for Small Business Owners

Episode #827 - March 16, 2023

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Maybe you think your business is too small to take advantage of PPC.  Our guest, Ameet Khabra doesn’t think that is true. You can use this powerful tool as long as remember that Google is not doing something out of the goodness of their heart.  

Google is not a charity, it is a business.  Everything they do to improve search and analytics is ultimately designed to increase their advertising sales.  So use the tools, look at their suggestions, but always remember their goals are not always aligned with yours. 

our guest Ameet Khabra

Look up the definition of “obsessed” and you’ll find a picture of Ameet. She has spent the last decade figuring out why people do what they do online, what prompts them to take action, and how to use this insight to make marketing work better. Today she uses that experience to design dazzling campaign strategies for our clients and teach future generations of PPC pros at the university level.

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