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Guest Josh Ramsey

Build Momentum with the Marketing Flywheel

Episode #829 -March 23, 2023

the episode

A flywheel, builds energy, as you push it slowly over time it gets faster and faster and faster.  A marketing flywheel will do that as well. With consistent action, the marketing flywheel will deliver more and more results.

In this conversation from Josh Ramsey explains the Marketing Flywheel revolves around three pillars.

  1. Building Lasting Impressions: Tell a clear story and have a unique design so customers remember you when they’re ready to buy, even if they’re not ready now.
  2. Easy to Find, Easy to Buy: Just as a product needs to be on the shelf in a physical store, it must also be readily accessible online. Competitive pricing, ease of purchase, and fast loading times are essential components of your easy to buy strategy.
  3. Reach Everyone: Connect with all kinds of customers, not just the ones already looking for you, to grow your business. Instead of focusing narrowly, cast a wider net while still targeting the most promising groups.

our guest Josh Ramsey

Josh  is the Business Development Manager at ClearBrand.com. A digital Marketing Agency focused on data-driven marketing that gets results; more leads and sales. He believes that without good marketing, businesses die and people suffer, and that ethical, scientific marketing can change the world.

Josh and the team at ClearBrand offer a variety of services including:

Marketing Services (Done-for-you)
Marketing Systems & Coaching (Done-with-you)
Marketing Training (Do-it-yourself)