Ross Keating

Guest: Ross Keating

Sales is a People Business

Episode #832 -March 30, 2023

the episode

Returning guest Ross Keating says that sales is a people business.  While people may say it is the product or the features, it ultimately comes down to people and how well you connect.

The more you understand about your customers, the easier it is to connect.  And Ross shared how using the BANKCODE method can help you do just that.

The simple assessment takes less than 90 seconds to help you discover your Bank Profile based on what you value. Listen to the conversation, then take the assessment for yourself. 

Ross is a returning guest.  It you enjoyed this conversation, and would like to here other marketing tips from Ross, be sure to listen to his tips on how to use  geographic information to target marketing messages.

our guest Ross Keating

Ross has appeared on webinars and podcasts in Australia and internationally, showing business owners and executives how to grow more delighted repeat customers and harvest more sales.

During his 20+ year corporate career Ross became a specialist in implementing Customer Relationship and Customer Retention strategies and systems. He managed sales teams and distribution channels. Ross worked with large businesses in tourism, and in financial service sectors before establishing his independent consultancy practice in 2005.