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Guest: Meg Casebolt

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I know you think we’ve talked SEO to death, but the field keeps changing and there are different approaches. My guest Meg Casebolt explains many people think think SEO is incredibly complex and you need to have an expensive team come in to fix your website for it.  They also assume you must produce boatloads of content to be successful.

She doesn’t think either of those things is true.  Today, the trick is not quantity, but content which clearly defines who you serve and how you help that audience.  Here are a few simple tips that can easily improve your SEO

Optimizing Existing Content: Utilize tools like Google Search Console to identify what content is already performing well. Update and repurpose existing content, and create cornerstone pages that compile related resources, which can rank better in search results.

Link Building and Authority: Effective use of internal and external links can enhance SEO. Linking to and from reputable sites builds credibility and signals to search engines that your content is trustworthy and authoritative.

Creating Leads through SEO: Every piece of content should direct users towards further engagement, whether that’s filling out a contact form or accessing a lead magnet. This strategy turns SEO into a tool for generating and nurturing leads, not just driving traffic.

Content Strategy Alignment: Align content creation with your lead magnets and overall marketing goals. By reverse-engineering from lead magnets, you can create content that naturally leads users through the customer journey, ultimately converting them into leads.

our guest  Meg Casebolt

Meg  is the founder of Love At First Search and host of the Social Slowdown podcast. She loves to help businesses spend less time trying to hack the algorithms and instead creates SEO content that attracts your ideal audience to your website while helping entrepreneurs cut their dependency on social media for their business visibility.