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Host: Lorraine Ball


Episode #838 April 16, 2023

the episode

Once upon a time marketers ran television commercials and put ads in newspapers and simply waited for the phone to ring. But that was a long time ago.  It was so long ago that it seems like an advertising fairy tale, an expensive fairy tale at that.

Today, consumers fast forward through ads and change the station on their radio. They don’t want to be interrupted by your marketing. They want to be free to look for information at their own pace as they browse and search online.

And they’re not just looking for coupons or discounts. They’re looking for general information about trends and features, about company personnel, and examples of how your product is being used and what people think about your business.

That’s where content comes in. Blogs, podcasts, and videos, all serve to answer the questions customers have as they decide if they want to do business with you.

Define What Makes You Unique

It is easier for a customer to decide you are the right choice when you clearly articulate what makes you unique. Perhaps the most important part of your marketing is being able to answer a simple question : Why should I buy from you? 

A position statement can help you do just that.  Start working on yours, today. 

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