Lewis Dalton

Guest: Lewis Dalton


Episode #839 -April 20,2023

the episode

There are lots of good reasons to create content for your website, social media and email newsletter.  In this episode, Lorraine chats with Louis Dalton about how to write content for a very specific purpose, converting prospects and strangers into customers. 

Content created for this point in your sales process needs to focus on short benefits and results.  People don’t want to wait six months to lose 30 pounds. The are however likely to be excited about losing 5 pounds this week. 

The trick is to think about the short term and long term benefits of your product. The long term benefits are important too, but you need to catch the attention of that prospect with the more immediate payoff.

our guest Lewis Dalton

Lewis Dalton, co-founder of Pine – a direct response and email marketing agency for coaches and course creators – and copywriting coach. He’s generated over $35,000,000 for clients and coached business owners and copywriters to increase conversions through personality-driven, ROI-focused copy. Get his $35Million Story Telling Framework