Andrej Peršolja

Guest: Andrej Persolja

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Everyone who starts a business thinks it’s going to grow and grow.  They assume the growth will be wonderful as it gets bigger and bigger and bigger. My guest, Andrej Persolja suggests that may not be the best course of action, because many new businesses are not ready to grow. 

Growth comes with pains, and you have to have your infrastructure in place to withstand some of the pain.  You need to have a clear definition of your target customer, the kind of projects you want, and the ones you don’t. 



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our guest Andrej Persolja

Andrej is a positioning expert, a startup founder and growth mentor. He works with SAAS startups who are interested in positioning their products as the only logical choice for their best-fit customers and building product-market fit.

“Don’t scale the unscalable”, is a phrase Andrej spreads often. He was guilty of trying to scale his startups prematurely in his twenties, a lesson learned the hard way, but also a learning that sent him on the path to help early-stage startups improve their positioning and build their product-market fit before trying to scale.

So far, Andrej helped 30+ startups build their product-market fit and kick-start their growth, and he is extremely proud to have lowered the cost of user acquisition at his last startup by 52% by repositioning the product.