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Host: Lorraine Ball


Episode #843 April 30, 2023

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Today, I want to talk about your attitude, and how it can drive action. Why this topic now?

Let’s face it, there are lots of things in the world which distract and impact us as individuals. And as business owners. There are things we can’t control, but we can control how those things make us feel, and how we react in response.

There is power in a positive attitude. Ask any doctor about a patient who lives long after all the medical treatments have been exhausted. Patients have been known to will themselves to life or will themselves to death.

That same powerful energy can move your business to life, or death. I know the economy is kind of scary right now and companies are cutting back and struggling with future plans.

I simply choose to focus on what I can do to be successful now. I choose to act with enthusiasm. Despite the outside world I choose to make today great, and as a result, it will be

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