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Host: Lorraine Ball


Episode #849 May 14, 2023

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When you were little, your parents probably told you to use an inside voice because it wasn’t polite to shout. But that doesn’t hold up in every situation.

We’ve all been there, in a crowded room and you want to get someone’s attention. Sometimes you have to shout or raise your voice a little bit to get noticed.

Well, the internet is a lot like a crowded room when you’re competing with so many other messages. To get the attention of visitors to your website, you have to shout a little bit. Online you shout visually. If you’re putting a call to action on your website, use all caps.

While this is hard to read in long blocks of text, and considered a little rude in an email, it’s critical in your call to action.  The all cap font stops the reader and makes them pay attention.

And now I’m going to shout a little bit to and tell you to look subscribe to More than a Few Words wherever you listen to podcasts.

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