Alex brueckmann

Guest: Alex Brueckmann


Episode #850 -May 16, 2023

the episode

As a business owner there were things I had to do that I absolutely loved and there were other things that really pushed me outside my comfort zone.  My business was successful because I developed skills in both those areas. And that’s what I talked to Alex Brueckmann about in this episode.

Alex explained: We often grow into our roles as business owners from a starting point of knowledge. We’ve done something for awhile and we know it very well so we think we could build a business around that. We get better and better in that subject matter and then we realize there are things we really have no idea about, but should because they are important to the business.

Alex is a returning guest to MTFW.  If you enjoyed this conversation, be sure to check his earlier episode as we chatted about creating a long term strategy. 

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our guest Alex Brueckmann

Alex Brueckmann is an entrepreneur, author, executive coach, and board advisor. He built, scaled, and exited companies in Europe and Canada, and led client projects across the world.

His areas of expertise are strategy development, leadership development, and entrepreneurship. His passion lies in helping clients built profitable businesses rooted in purpose.

Based in Vancouver, Canada, Alex speaks on the topics of intentional strategy and entrepreneurship. In his upcoming book he presents a new framework called “The Nine Elements of Organizational Identity”, which helps people build better businesses.

Alex is a storyteller with an academic background is in General Management, with degrees from EBS University (Germany) and Universidad ORT (Uruguay), as well as certificates from INSEAD (France) and Harvard Business School (USA).

Be sure to grab a copy of Alex’s new book: Secrets of Next Level Entrepreneurs