From Our Archive: Lessons in Networking

Episode #853 -May 23, 2023

the episode

I have a confession to make. I am a networking junkie. I love getting out in meeting people. Unlike people with other addictions, I’m not looking for a cure for my networking addiction, because I think it’s healthy for my business.

There are lots of business owners who don’t necessarily love networking and many don’t even know where to start.  That’s why I’ve taught hundreds and hundreds of business owners the tricks to improving their networking skills.  I even wrote a short book on the subject.

There have also been lots of conversations about networking including this one from our archive, where Jarred Juett and I sat down in the front seat of my car to talk about networking.  This conversation is from almost 10 years ago.  Much has changed since we had that conversation but the tips on marketing are as good and relevant as they ever were.

When you are done listening, grab a copy of my little workbook:  Build Healthy Networking Habits – Lessons from a Networking Junkie

Healthy Networking Habits

I love networking, and you should too!

We’ve all met someone who abuses networking. Networking addicts show up at events with no planning or forethought, indiscriminately handing out business cards like candy, hoping they come home with a sale. In most cases, they don’t make any sales—they just wake up with a networking hangover!

Healthy networking- like all good marketing- begins with a plan. This workbook outlines a process to create a plan to feed your need for referrals in a healthy, respectful way.

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