Amanda Watts

Guest: Amanda Watts


Episode #854 -May 25, 2023

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I’m an extrovert. I love people.  I love being around people and talking to people.  But there are a whole bunch of people, introverts, who really don’t enjoy interacting they way I do.  Here’s the trick,  you’ve got to be able to reach both of those audiences. And if you’re an introvert you have to learn how to participate in the world.

This week’s guest Amanda Watts share some great tips on how introverts can be effective, and maybe even enjoy of networking.

It stars with understanding where your energy comes from. An extrovert, she explains, will wake up in the morning and even though they are well rested they will be a little low on energy. They actually gain energy with every interaction they have with someone. Each conversation is like a coin in your energy bank. So you gain coins throughout the day and at the end of the day if someone suggests you go out partying you’re ready to go.

In contrast, an introvert starts with the most energy at the beginning of the day. Every time they interact with someone they “lose” a coin  of energy.  So if they have had multiple meetings throughout the day, their energy bank is depleted, and they would rather go home to recharge, the go out partying and have more interactions. It is not that they don’t like people.  They just need time to recharge.

our guest Amanda Watts

She’s the award-winning founder of Oompf Global, embracing her hidden introvert strengths she has served more than 700 clients in 23 countries, amassed a community of 25000 followers and written three bestselling books. Her mission is to educate other introverted professionals.

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