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Guest: Jennifer Denney

Measurement vs Attributions

Episode #863 -June 15, 2023

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Jennifer  Denney is obsessed with measurement and marketing data.  She believes you can’t improve what you don’t measure. But there are a lot of challenges for marketers right now, as they try to measure the effectiveness of a particular type of marketing, Recent changes from Apple have cut off all apps from being able to know what happens after you click on a ad and leave their site. And there is more data loss coming in July 2023 with the changes to Google Analytics.

Trying to map individual customers to individual campaigns or attribution is going to be harder than ever to figure out. So marketers who have been obsessed with trying to attribute marketing to one data source or another are going to be frustrated, and Jennifer thinks that logic was flawed even before the changes.

Consider this: It wasn’t the last beer that you drank that got you drunk, it’s all the beers. And it’s the same way in marketing, you need to look at the interactions of all your marketing, recognizing the cumulative effect of your efforts.

our guest Jennifer Denney

In her own words

I have been in digital marketing for over 10 years and it’s an absolute passion of mine. I am very data driven and love to analyze data from many data points using various tools. There isn’t a decision I make today without the data to back it up. I believe strongly in the fact that almost all digital marketing gives you the ability to measure and execute with a higher precision than ever before.

Some of my strongest attributes is my ability to take on any challenge. I am not unnerved by something that I have not done before. I’m a true learner and I’m constantly self-teaching myself though reading of articles, conferences and I stay well networked with fellow marketing experts.