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Host: Lorraine Ball

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Episode #864 June 18, 2023

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After 13 years of podcasting, I have found tools I rely on. One of my favorites is  Podmatch   – It is kind of like a dating application. Instead of finding dates I use it to book podcast interviews on high profile shows and interesting guests . And now, they have rolled out a new feature that allows me to get paid to host guests on my show.

Learn more at : https://www.joinpodmatch.com/mtfw

For recording interviews, I love  Zencastr  It is a great all in one tool. Audio only or audio and video are possible. I use if to record because it creates transcripts of every conversation which saves me tons of time on production.

Learn more at https://zencastr.com/

And finally, if you want to be a guest on a podcast you will want to pay attention to what Kelly Mosser has to say about pitches. The biggest mistake most potential guest make is the emphasis of the pitch. The message boils down to “I want airtime on your show. Here’s why I deserve it. Here’s why you should give it to me.” This one-sided approach misses the key detail that podcasts are a business collaboration. When you focus on what you can get, and what the audience might take away, the host and the show are kind of forgotten. Put yourself in the shoes of the host. Why would they want someone on their show who doesn’t care about them.

If you understand you are entering a business partnership with the host together it is easier to think about how can you help the host achieve his/her goals. Then you need to explain what you bring to the audience. When you start with that approach you are much more likely to be invited to be a guest on the show.

Listen to the entire conversation https://morethanafewwords.com/kelly-mosser/

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