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Guest: Alison Knott

Affordable Market Research

Episode #865 -June 20, 2023

the episode

In this episode I had a chance to chat with Alison K about research.  I know you’re sitting there saying I already know everything about my business. Well guess what, you don’t! So you need to listen to this short and lively conversation about affordable ways you can conduct market research to make better decisions about your business.

Alison explains as businesses owners, especially in service industries already know the end goal. It is to make the sale.  We know our target clients and their pain points.  We already understand what will happen when they’re done. However. our ideal audience is the prospects who aren’t ready yet. In their evaluation they may consider a whole bevy of people you wouldn’t consider your competition or contemporaries.

Audience research allows us to get our own heads out of our butts see the world through the eyes of our customers.

our guest Alison Knott

Alison K raises web and digital marketing literacy for founders and teams putting good into the world. Her delivery is humorous and her energy contagious. No one has time for boring jargon!
Her passion is the intersection of the web, creativity, and business. Topics include: SEO, email marketing, website ownership and brand authority.

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