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Guest: Tracey Watts Cirino

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It is often said that a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.  That is definitely true on the journey to master your marketing message. In this conversation Tracey Watts Cirino and I explored the first steps you need to take on your journey to master your marketing message.

1 – Get clear on who you will serve. You can not serve everyone.  When we try to be for everyone we end up being for enough for no one This doesn’t mean you’re not going to do different types of things for different people. But when you’re really clear about who you want to serve it aligns so much more beautiful in your marketing message.

2 – Speak directly to your audience. Create messages that are relevant for the people you want to serve

3 – Finally, talk about your product.  Don’t lead with this but make sure you get around to it eventually.


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our guest Tracey Watts Cirino

Tracey is a 5-time #1 bestselling author, podcast host of Beyond Common Business Secrets, and certified success and mindset coach. She helps business owners and leaders discover their own power so they can develop customized success systems through her dynamic speaking events, retreats, workshops, digital training programs, and mastermind groups. As founder of Beyond Common Coaching & Training Company in Cleveland, OH she has developed the proven BEYOND Common method. 

Struggling to come up with content ideas?  Check out Tracey’s guide to get 30 days worth of content ideas mapped out in just 30 minutes. https://www.beyondcommoncoaching.com/30daysofcontentprompts