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Guest: Nicole Krug

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Episode #869 -June 29, 2023

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​These days so many people are hot on social media and whatever the new platform is this week.  But Nicole Krug says that year after year email marketing works.  It has a 400% return on investment and that has been consistent for many years. One of the reasons is email is more personal than social media.  You have been invited into the inbox.

Now the trick is getting people to open your email once you land there. Data suggests only about 20% of emails are opened, so in this conversation Nicole shares some great tips on how you can improve your open rate.

Command Attention with Your Headlines 

No matter how interesting your content is, if the headline doesn’t grab attention, readers will scroll right by.

That is a lot of pressure for 5 – 8 words. But it doesn’t have to be. If you know the tricks to writing a great headline you can transform boring to engaging.

We’ll show you how

our guest Nicole Krug

Nicole Krug founded Social Light in 2009 to help make the Internet a friendlier place by providing the tools and training small business owners need for success online. Through Social Light Nicole helps clients hone their digital marketing strategies to bring more exposure to their brand while boosting the bottom line.
With a focus on digital brand management, social media, web development and email marketing, Nicole understands small business goals and how to meet them.

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