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Host: Lorraine Ball

It is Ok to Change Direction

Episode #874 July 9, 2023

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We’ve all had that marketing brainstorm sitting alone at a desk. It sounds like a good idea so you bounce it off other people. everybody excitedly supports the concept. You execute it the best that you can, but it doesn’t work out they way you planned. You should give up, but you’ve built this whole program so you double down and you keep pushing and pushing.

Eventually you have to accept it wasn’t as good an idea as you thought. It is always painful when you realize you have made a mistake, but the longer you pursue an idea that isn’t working, the more you delay your ultimate success. Now I’m not suggesting abandoning ideas after two or three months, but if you give it your best, investing time and effort and it just doesn’t click, you have to prepare to try something else..

That’s where I have right now. I created a private Facebook group for the Digital Toolbox.  Private, because I thought that would give it a little bit of prestige by making people feel they were joining something exclusive. But Facebook groups are a dime a dozen so after an initial burst it stagnated. As a private group, people who might have been interested in what we were talking about never saw the information in their feeds. So after several years of pushing this idea of a private Facebook group I’m accepting defeat and will try a different approach.

Facebook won’t let me change the private group to public, so I have launched a new group. The More than a Few Words Club is a public group for fans of show, my guests and other business owners who want to have conversations about marketing. 

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