Common New Business Mistakes

episode #875 July 11, 2023

GUEST: Lori Highby 

Learn from others and avoid these common mistakes. 

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I would love to tell you that out of the gate I was a business genius and everything I did in marketing worked perfectly. Well that’s not true.  We all make mistakes along the way, but when we learn from them we have a better shot at success.

And if we can get out ahead of some of those mistakes, by learning from what other business owners are doing wrong we can shorten the cycle to success. In this conversation with Lori Highby, we discuss the three most common mistakes new business owners make and how to avoid them.

1 ) The “We-We” syndrome where owners think all their marketing needs to be about them.
2) Defining too broad a target
3) Describing what makes them uniquely qualified to solve a problem.

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our guest lori highby

With a core personal value of lifelong-learning, Lori Highby has shared creative and strategic digital marketing, personal branding, and entrepreneurship lessons with people and organizations from allover. Her 20 years experience, education, and involvement range from currently owning a digital marketing agency, Keystone Click, being the 2013 recipient of the “Bravo! Entrepreneur Award” from BizTimes Media, teaching undergraduate students as an adjunct professor at UW-Milwaukee, and serving on numerous boards including the Better Business Bureau of Wisconsin.

Lori earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Business & Marketing from Marian University and her MBA from Cardinal Stritch University.