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Guest: Jules Dan

Making AI Work for You

Episode #879 July 18, 2023

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These days everyone is talking about Chat GPT – Ai driven content. I find some people are really excited about it.  Then there are others who are afraid we are the cusp of some dystopian world where the machines take over and we become their slaves.

Which is more accurate? Well that is up to you, but Chat GPT  is changing how content is created so you need to know how to use the tools.

My guest Jules Dan seems to have cracked the code with Chat GPT and it boils down to three simple steps:

  • Cloning the Voice
  • Steering the AI Back on Course
  • Fine Tuning the Prompts.

Unlock the Power of Words

Even if you are using Chat GPT to write some of your copy, you still need to punch up the power.  Using these power words in your web copy, email communication, social media, will grab the attention of your reader and move them to action.

With this workbook you’ll discover how to apply the kinds of power words to your marketing copy.

our guest Jules Dan

Jules Dan is the List Master & Profit Extractor from down under. Things you should know about Jules:

  • He rode on a Koala just to get here on time.
  • He’s probably the most sarcastic daily email writer out there. And even with concerning talks between his high school teachers & his parents.
  • “We repeat an example 2-3 times with other students…but with Julian…we have to show him TEN!”
  • Somehow, he’s managed to suck out $15 million in sales for his clients using email. Now he’s at war with A.I. to help entrepreneurs sound personable, unique (and profitable) with every prompt.

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