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Guest: Travis Lee

Hop into the Mailbox

Episode #881 -July 20, 2023

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When I started my agency in 2002 clients and friends called me the Postcard Queen.  I was working with small businesses and postcards were a wonderful way to get noticed.  Then along came email marketing and social media.  Direct mail seemed cumbersome and old fashioned in comparison.

Travis Lee suggests as everyone has rushed towards digital it is no longer the bargain it once was.  Auction style bidding for advertising has driven the cost of a click up dramatically, while the return has dropped.  So as everyone has rushes to digital, there is an advantage to considering alternatives, like direct mail.

We are living in this digital world, but we are inundated with digital and there is much less competition in the mailbox. Everyone still collects their mail so it is still a great way to get in front of your ideal prospect.

our guest Travis Lee

Travis Lee is known as the expert in getting direct mail delivered, opened, and read. As co-founder and president of 3D Mail, he generates huge returns for thousands of businesses each year who use his innovative and effective marketing strategies.
His tested marketing methods have helped add millions of dollars in sales to a wide variety of businesses, from “kitchen-table-run” sole-proprietors, to large Multi-National businesses, mailing millions of pieces of mail a year.