Deb curtis

Guest: Deb Crutis

Grow through Acquisitions

Episode #883 -July 25, 2023

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As business owners try to grow their business they assume they have to do it organically.  The problem with the organic approach is you have to be patient. It takes time for the business to mature and grow.

But that is not the only way to grow. Your path to success might include merging with another company or through the acquisition of another business.  Deb Curtis, an expert in SBA-Supported Business Acquisition Loans & Smooth Ownership Transitions shares a few tips and things to consider before you jump into acquisition mode

Have a Plan

Whether you are trying to grow organically or through a merger you need a plan to help guide your business to success. 

Grab a copy of our blank business plan outline and start working on your plan today. 

 – our guest Deb Curtis

Deb Curtis is a beacon of resilience and unity in diversity. Abandoned as a child and overcoming personal and professional adversities, she transformed her hardships into empowerment.

After excelling in a male-dominated corporate world, she founded her own business in 2018.

Her mission is to champion diversity and inclusion in business ownership, helping individuals from diverse backgrounds navigate success.

A proud mother and grandmother, Deb’s life is a testament to the belief that with God, grit, and grace, anything is possible. Her journey is an inspiration to all who dare to challenge the status quo.