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Guest: Rebecca Jabbar

Improve You Public Speaking Skills

Episode #885 -July 27, 2023

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If you’ve been listening to More than a Few Words for any length of time you know I was born talking. Standing in front of a group of people or facing a microphone is not uncomfortable for me, but it is for many people.  Public speaking anxiety is a crippler for some people and it can get in the way of careers and businesses.

Guest Rebecca Jabbar says the key to getting comfortable is to personalize the message with two very simply pieces of information explaining why you care about a particular topic and having an example ready to support your message. 


our guest Rebecca Jabbar

Rebecca  is a coach and trainer with 25+ years’ experience in helping over 400 international professionals and 130 brands successfully deliver their media messages, she works with senior leaders on not only what to do to be a successful spokesperson, but how to do it.

Founder of The Brand Champion Bootcamp, Rebecca is passionate that everyone required to represent their business should feel confident, and be engaging, authentic and credible. Only then will the important messages be heard, understood, and remembered by those who need to hear them.