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Host: Lorraine Ball

You are your Brand

Episode #886 July 30, 2023

Like many business owners I defined myself as the founder of my company, Roundpeg.  Lorraine Ball and Roundpeg were intricately linked.  The fact that the business was originally an outgrowth of my personality got lost along the way and I became an outgrowth of the business. 

That was fine for 20 years, until I sold Roundpeg. Suddenly that cornerstone of my brand was gone. So I’ve spent the last two years realigning, adjusting and figuring out who I am and what my brand is. The funny thing is I have come to the conclusion  who I was when all of this started is exactly who I am today. My brand is the sum total of what I know about marketing and what I’ve done as a marketing professional over of these years.

This is a lesson for every business owner.  Never lose sight of the fact that you are your brand. 

Develop Your Business Plan 

A good crisis plan is just one part of a larger business plan.  If you don’t have a plan for your business, now is a great time to get started. You don’t need to do it all at once.  Simply work on one section at a time to complete the entire project. 

Download our blank outline today! 

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